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Scrap Metal Recycling Perth – Facts You Should Know!

Everything we see, the buildings we walk into, the shopping trolly we push around and the phone glued our ear is made from or made up of metal. This is especially true for our great city of Perth, Western Australia’s largest city and home to a lot of metal production and produce What’s so great about metal is the possibilities of recycling and turning it from one thing to another easily and practically. This pliable, durable and popular material is in use in more things now then it has ever been before. When it comes to scrap metal in Perth, we are the leading scrap metal recycler and here are some scrap metal recycling Perth facts you may not have known:

When you recycle scrap metal, you are not only helping to reduce greenhouse gasses, but are contributing to the local economy by helping to create jobs.

When it comes to scrap metal recycling in Perth, recycling just one tonne of steel can save more than a tonne of iron ore, 500kg of coal and 18kg of limestone.

Did you know there is a super easy way of finding out if you have something made of steel or if it actually aluminium? Get a piece of magnet and if it sticks you have steel and if it refuses to adhere than most likely you have aluminium.

Most drinks cans are made from aluminium. Aluminium actually has a much lower melting point than brand new aluminium which means you need less energy to recycle it from one form to another.

We call tin cans tin because we think that’s what they are primarily made of. Actually only 5% of the can is made from tin while the rest is actually steel.

The aluminium you use is actually created from an ore called Bauxite, This is pounded to create a white powder which is smelted at a temperature of over 700 degrees. This process takes a lot of time, energy and money. Recycling on the other hand is quicker, cheaper and much kinder to the environment.

Light aluminium is something that very few people recycle. In fact it is used a lot and recycled very little. An example of light aluminium? It’s sitting in your kitchen right now…foil!

Construction projects such as the building of new roads or the new Perth bridge by the Optus Stadium uses a large amount of recycled scrap metal.

Even the transport industry uses recycled scrap metal for all sorts of vehicles including cars, busses, trains and bikes.

If you have ever used a storage container when moving your belongings inter-state or to another country, chances are those containers were made from recycled scrap metal.

Recycling Scrap Metal can be Protecting Our Environment

More and more industries are beginning to see the environmental as well as economical advantages of scrap metal recycling. The more scrap metal recycling in Perth, the less need to mine for natural resources, reducing the carbon emissions formed through mining, smelting and transporting.

Every time we recycle scrap metal in Perth, we help reduce the overflowing landfil sites thus helping in sustaining and protecting our beautiful WA environment,

Now that you have seen the many environmental benefits of recycling scrap metal, did you know about scrap metal prices? Scrap metal Perth recycling is essential if we are to enjoy our unique and rugged landscape.

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