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How to Sell Your Car if it Has Been in an Accident

If your car has been in an accident, no matter how minor the bingle, you know that it will lose value and market demand. If the damage is much bigger, trying to sell the car later on can be daunting as you will no doubt have to face questions about the prang and deal with hagglers who want to reduce the price heavily. However fear not. It is possible to locate a buyer who is happy to pay reasonable quantity for it. That buyer is a company who specialises in scrap metal in Perth. These companies also offer services in car removal Perth and it is well worth giving them a call then selling your car for next to nothing.

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Top Tips How to Sell Your Car if it Has Been in an Accident

Here are our top tips how to sell your car if it has been in an accident:

Dream Lucky Scrap Metal offer car removal Perth and scrap metal Perth services and have a strong reputation for being honest, reliable and friendly. As well as cars, they will also take associated materials including alloy wheels, radiators, starter motors, car batteries, transmissions, catalytic convertors and more.

With a strong focus on environmental sustainability, Dream Lucky re-use or recycle all scrap metal and only dispose where necessary which ultimately helps reduce landfill and energy as well as money wasted on making new products from scratch.

So don’t leave you car abandoned and taking up room in the garage. Let Dream Lucky Scrap Metal collect your car and haul it away at no cost to you.